Tali Cactus Monster (cactusmonster) wrote in gacktism,
Tali Cactus Monster

Question on MoonChild


I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a 3-disc (Japan version) MoonChild DVD set. It's my 21st in a few weeks, and one of my friends said he would pick up a copy for me - but the ones they sell in stores are all the 1-disc versions. I've only been able to find one possibility so far -- it's in the US, however, and very expensive when the US price is translated into Australian dollars (I live in Melbourne, Australia).

I'd be really, really, grateful if anyone has any directions, links, suggestions - I'll take anything at the moment, seeing as how much I want the 3-disc set! Thanks in advance; I can't tell you how grateful I'd be for some info!

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