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gacktism's Journal

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Purely a fan-made community used to gather others who, like us, take interest in Gackt.
Welcome to Gacktism!

Update: July 10, 2007

This is your..'community starter'?...speaking.

First of all, I'd like to appologize greatly for neglecting this community. Yes, I did lose my attraction to Gackt, hence the past...2-3 years of inactivity. Thank you to all of you, as members, for keeping this community alive. I could NEVER have done what you guys did during this time. I would love to tell you I'll be popping by more often, but I can't. Life just loves getting in the way. I will be leaving this community for you guys to run, so you probably will not be hearing from me for.. a long, long time. :D A relief, I know! Well then, have fun and spread the music (and photos) of Gackt!

Over and out~.