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2 Gackt photo books for sale! [16 Jul 2013|02:46pm]

Under the Cut~!Collapse )
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★ ICONS & MR. PERFECT BANNERS ★ [04 Jul 2011|12:53am]

Icons, Mr. Perfect Banners

Jrock: GACKT



99 Icons and 13 Banners HERE @ final_faith 
Post will be locked in 3 days.
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A Non-Gackt Related Question [08 Jan 2011|08:06pm]

Who are the community mods? I read the info but the maintainer is no longer a journal user. :(

Who do I report spam to?
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Icons [13 Aug 2010|09:41am]


Jrock: Gackt


to see all icons click Here @ final_faith 
Post will be locked in 3 days.
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Icons & Headers [06 Aug 2010|04:22am]


Jrock: Gackt


To see everything please click Here @ final_faith 
Post will be locked in 3 days.
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Selling Platinum Boxes 3-6 Original First Press [08 Jun 2010|09:08pm]

Hey guys, selling some Gackt merchandise, shipping anywhere in the world. All original from CDJapan and includes everything.
Gackt Platinum Box III - $30 with Crystal Frame Picture
Gackt Platinum Box IV - $40 With Card Stock
Gackt Platinum Box V - $40 with Clock
Gackt Platinum Box VI - $40 with ashtray
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selling gackt albums and singles [07 Sep 2009|04:12pm]

hi guys i m selling 2 of my gackt albums
gackt mars japanese import first press ( booklet missing )for 12.99$
gackt rebirth first press japanese import with booklet for 20 $
gackt wasurenai kara single
 Gackt saikai story single japanese import
 Gackt seki ray single japanese import
 Gackt another world single japanese import
  Gackt mirror single japanese import
  Gackt metamorphoze single japanese import
 Gackt oasis single japanese import
  gackt Todokanai Ai To Shitteita No Ni Osaekirezuni single brand new

if you want to buy both i can combine shipping.

for pictures please check www.myjpop.com

i accept paypal, conceal cash,money order and westrn union.

if you have any additional question or are intterested by one of those items feel free  to pm me

if you are looking for any gackt singles or albums you can also send me your request :-)
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Gackt Aday! [24 Jul 2009|07:17pm]

Hi all.
I just created a new community regarding Gackt, gackt_aday.
It's a community dedicated to posting a pic/gif/video of Gackt each day.


Please join~ Thanks! ♥
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25 Icons - Gackt [15 Jun 2009|08:57am]

Gackt - 25


More here @ usedxhime.
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Gackt Moonlighteyes is back [08 Mar 2009|04:54pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Well...it's done...

Gackt Moonlighteyes (inofficial) German Fanclub is back for good ^-^


to join the new started list. ^-^

And...like every year...met Youki (me *hihi*) and Moonlighteyes Fanclub on Leipzig book fair (LBM 2009) from 12th 'til 15th march in Leipzig.

Have a nice time


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[08 Nov 2008|03:55pm]


Nekketsu Bosou is about maffia (Yakuza), drugs, prostitution and related things in the centre of Tokyo. The alleys and clubs run by men/women that are mostly wanted by the police. They run strippers, prostitutes, hosts, and drug dealers all around that big city. Can you find your place in this dark side of life? Or will you be sold, independent or just filthy rich? Why won't you try?

Rules - Taken - Apply

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Gackt cosplay~ [04 Nov 2008|03:03pm]


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NEW ICONS [26 Sep 2008|02:22am]

Miyavi x 16
Gackt x 12
Hitsugi x 1

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
edit!A link would help, no
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Gackt Icons [04 Jun 2008|08:44am]

15 Gackt icons. *drools*
Don't forget to comment and credit!

Click HERE to see the rest!
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[01 Apr 2008|04:31pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Well, I've been lingering here for a while and never really posted anything so...I made this last night and hope you all enjoy it! It took about four to six hours, I wasn't really counting, and Movie Maker effed up a few times but the end result, to me, is superb!


Title - Gackt: The Cartoon Hero
Song - Cartoon Heroes by Aqua
Disclaimer - I own nothing

If anyone wants to download it, it is at this link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EIQ11DG5

Thanks for watching!

x-posted to g_a_c_k_t and gacktxhyde

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Wallpaper and icon set [08 Mar 2008|09:15pm]

I've been meaning to make a wallpaper set, and just for kicks, threw in some matching icons as well. Spent quite a lot of time on these, mostly because I had to make PSD's of the objects myself - the envelope, the book on #2, the pen,  as well as the rose and tape brushes. But I enjoyed making them.

Set of 2 1024x768 Gackt wallpapers with 100x100 matching icons.


1st wallpaper:
-Text brush by Celestial Star.

2nd wallpaper and icon:
-Flower PSD and right brush by Aethereality
-Polaroid brushes by withmycamera
-Text brushes by Celestial Star 

If you take, PLEASE:

] Credit me..I don't usually ask this, but I spent a lot of time on these.
[x] Comments are always great :)

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HEY BRUSSAAAA, AAH GO-CHOW BACK !! [07 Mar 2008|05:35pm]


Hi, everyone. I hope this is allowed.
otherwise feel free to delete.

.............. Everyone, we all love SKIN so much and each individual artist even more, so please i beg you Skin-Gackt-Yoshiki-Sugizo-Mivvy Fans to please come and Help us Show how much Europe and U.K love Miyavi. LETS FACE IT GACKT and MIVVY-FANS ARE BASICALLY BLOOD-BROTHERS. ALLIES, WE GOT EACHOTHERS BACKS ..RIGHT!!! BEST FRIENDS.

so come and see what its all about

Read more...Collapse )
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Question on MoonChild [02 Jan 2008|12:49am]


I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a 3-disc (Japan version) MoonChild DVD set. It's my 21st in a few weeks, and one of my friends said he would pick up a copy for me - but the ones they sell in stores are all the 1-disc versions. I've only been able to find one possibility so far -- it's in the US, however, and very expensive when the US price is translated into Australian dollars (I live in Melbourne, Australia).

I'd be really, really, grateful if anyone has any directions, links, suggestions - I'll take anything at the moment, seeing as how much I want the 3-disc set! Thanks in advance; I can't tell you how grateful I'd be for some info!

x-posted a bit.
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Icons yey [09 Dec 2007|12:15pm]


I managed to whip up a batch of Gackt (as Uesugi Kenshin) icons last night and thought I'd share ^^ Please be aware that my rescources are limited due to my dad freaking if I download so much as a picture..can do better but these aren't too shabby, I think.

[x] No hotlinking!
[x] Don't claim as your own
[x] Credit is nice but not required

Comments are nice, too :) enjoy!



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Hey everyone! ^___^ [03 Dec 2007|10:43pm]

Is anyone interested in buying the Gackt album, "Love Letter"?

It is brand new, and still in the plastic!

Leave me a note if you are interested, thank you! ^___^
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